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Cars are a priceless asset, even more, if they are not secured with added protection, it makes them the perfect target for theft. Secure My Vehicle are  Autowatch Ghost Installers. It is a special device that has advanced added safety features that secure your vehicle and reduce the chance of attempted break-ins or theft. The system comes with a two-year warranty. Also, there is no need for new wiring or major adjustments to the car. So the Ghost is an excellent addition to protect your car.

Protection For Your Vehicle

The Autowatch Ghost immobilisation is a special device that is designed to protect your vehicle without several wires need to be cut. This device is connected to your car’s CAN Data network. And you need to enter a personal PIN Code that is programmed into the system by using any buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel. It forms a unique button pattern that must be entered before you can even start your vehicle. Hence, making it secure from theft.

Advantages Of The Ghost Immobilisation System

  1. The Ghost immobiliser system blocks your engine from starting. It is designed in a way that prevents your car’s engine from starting unless you put the unique, personalised code sequence that you have chosen.
  2. There are many professional diagnostic tools available in the market. These tools can easily detect any alarm or immobiliser circuits in your car and disable them. So the thieves can easily steal your car. However, the Ghost immobiliser has no circuits that can be cut so it cannot be tampered with.
  3. With this system, the car thieves cannot use sophisticated radio frequency scanning technology to detect and stop the security system that is fitted as it does not transmit any radio signals.

Silent Operation

Since this device communicates with your car ECU unit through the CAN Data circuit, it functions totally silently and does not give away its location. It allows you to stop key cloning and ECU swapping. Thus, making it impossible for a thief to either add a new key or replace the ECU to steal your car. Only the correct PIN Code will be used to start your car.

The Ghost immobiliser can easily adapt to fit most of the modern-day vehicles CAN Data Networks. It is tiny, weatherproof and can be installed and concealed virtually anywhere in your car chassis. It makes it impossible for the thief to find the device if they are aware of it being installed on your vehicle.

Emergency Pin Code Override System

In case you forget your PIN Code, or you sell your car to someone else, or one of your PIN Code buttons has become unusable or inoperative, there is a solution to that as well. A unique reset for code for each device is installed in the car. So no matter what the situation is you will know that your vehicle is safe.


  1. Protection from key cloning, OBD theft
  2. Block Your Engine from Starting
  3. Undetectable Protection for your Vehicle
  4. Silent Operation
  5. No Radio Frequency Signals
  6. Vehicle CAN Data Network
  7. Use vehicle’s original buttons to enter PIN code
  8. Service / Valet Mode

So get your device installed from us we are Autowatch Ghost Approved Installers. Now get your car secured!


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