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High-Quality Car Immobiliser

Car immobiliser gives you excellent security against car robbery in case you really do not need a vehicle alarm. An immobiliser on the car is a small device that protects your vehicle from being hot-wired and stolen. An immobiliser can be turned off or disarmed usually through a coded tag or pin code using the vehicles buttons this, in turn, permits the vehicle to start.

How Reliable is it for Your Car’s Security?

An immobiliser is an anti-theft system, that is observed in most modern vehicles. This tool prevents thieves from hot-wiring the vehicle. An immobiliser works automatically and does not need the owner of the vehicle to activate it. Immobilisers are taken into consideration to be powerful anti-theft gadgets.

How does an immobiliser work?

An immobiliser disables one of the systems which is responsible for car engine start-up. It generally disables the fuel supply or the ignition. In it, there are 2 components involved; first is the transponder in the ignition key and second a radio frequency reader. The radio frequency reader is located within the steering column. After the ignition key is placed, the transponder sends a unique identification code to the frequency reader. If the code is accurate, the vehicle’s computer lets the ignition system or fuel system to start the car. If the code is wrong or not present, the computer system disables the ignition or fuel system of the vehicle, and it will be unable to start until the right key is used.

The frequent way a thief steals a car is by using a system of hot wiring it. Hot wiring entails breaking the steering column and connecting the ignition wires of the car. With the immobiliser, the vehicle won’t start even though the wires are connected, due to the fact the system deactivates the ignition.

How good is it for your car?

A benefit of the immobiliser is that it does not need to be activated by the car proprietor. It works mechanically, and the vehicles computer control detects any incorrect code and absence of a key.

Car immobiliser and alarm is an essential device, and it’s obligatory for a vehicle to have an immobiliser in many European nations. A recent study shows, immobilisers have decreased the overall rate of car theft worldwide. According to the research, vehicle theft has been lessened by 40% between 1995 and 2008.

At Secure My Vehicle, the car immobiliser fitting is performed by our expert technicians. So this ensures that you won’t face any issue in the future. Our car immobiliser kit is of high-quality and not less than that. So do not wait and install our product now! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.


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