How long does the installation take?

It’s dependant on the vehicle, however, most vehicles take approximately two to three hours.

How soon can I book my Ghost 2 Installation?

We make every effort to supply and install the Ghost 2 Immobiliser within ten days from order date and arrange installation times suitable and convenient to you. Please go through the booking steps on the website or call our office for availability. It is very rare that we cannot arrange an installation at your convenience.

What happens if I forget my unique PIN code?

You can call our tech team who will give you step by step instructions over the phone on how to reset and re-programme a new unique PIN code

What if I mistakenly enter my PIN code incorrectly few times?

Nothing will happen, your unique code will remain the same.

If somebody finds out my PIN code what happens?

You can change your unique PIN code any time and as many times as you like, a full demonstration is given after Installation as well as an instruction manual for you to refer to.

Does the cost of £399 for Ghost 2 Immobiliser include Installation?

Yes, all included in the price with installation at your home, workplace or at our workshop located in Ilford

Do I have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription?

There is no monthly or yearly subscription.

Does the Ghost 2 interfere with my start/stop on my vehicle?

The Ghost 2 immobiliser detects if your vehicle has start/stop feature, so you only enter your PIN code when you initially start your vehicle and away you go. If your vehicle stops the engine at traffic lights it automatically restarts as it normally would before the Ghost 2 Immobiliser was Installed.

What is the service/valet mode?

When your vehicle is being driven by others you can enter service mode so your code is not compromised to the garage. Your vehicle stays in service mode until driven over the speed of 30mph.

How long is Ghost 2 Immobiliser guaranteed for?

There is a two-year guarantee from the installation date.

What locations do you cover?

We have Nationwide coverage of installers, if you live or work in a seculded area, contact our office and we will arrange to either visit you or select a meeting venue; at your convenience. There may be a nominal extra charge for travelling to seculded areas or at particular times of the day but this can be discussed and agreed with our office staff. You will always be pre-informed of exactly what the total cost will be during the call to our office and before an installer comes out to you

Will this affect my vehicles warranty?

We have never come across any issue or problems from any manufacturers regarding vehicle warranty. Although it is recommended that you contact the vehicles manufacturer to ensure the warranty will not be affected by the installation of a GHOST.

What payment options are available?

We currently offer two payment options either payment in full or a deposit through our website or over the telephone before an appointment is confirmed. The booking deposit is £159 to supply and fit the Autowatch Ghost 2 with the outstanding balance of your package choice to be taken by the installer immediately after completion. You will always be informed of exactly what the total cost will be via a confirmation email after you have selected a booking date or during the call to our office.

How do I pay and book an installation day?

You can simply book online to select an installation date or contact our office on 02085545554.

What if my vehicle is sold?

If your vehicle is sold then we can send an installer who can come out to remove the GHOST and either fit it directly on to another vehicle or keep it until you purchase another vehicle; this will be an additional charge which you would need to discuss with our office team. If you don’t require removal of the GHOST, please pass on our contact details to the new owner so we can explain how the GHOST works.