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Ghost Alarm Car System

The ghost alarm is the world’s first CAN car immobiliser that gives protection against key-cloning, key theft and hacking. It is widely known as the non-detectable immobiliser in the United Kingdom market, and this is the main reason why it’s demand has increased amongst vehicle owners.

This next era vehicle safety product holds multiple facilities which are deliberately designed for the protection of your vehicle. One of these facilities is the creation of diverse one of kind pin codes which are known by the owner of the car. These codes are used for the vehicle to start and adds further protection against the possibility of theft. With this, the immobiliser assures the car inability to start, so if the thief is successful in stepping into the car, it won’t start. So this results in the robbery of the vehicle unsuccessful.

Moreover, to start the car yourself, you will have to insert the chosen pin code through a series of actions. The immobiliser utilises buttons available in the car like; on the steering wheel, on door panels and even at the centre console. So that you can create precise and interchangeable pin code sequences.

This sequence is needed before you can drive the vehicle. However, there’s an override code if you forget about the code or one of the buttons becomes unusable. This added safety feature provides the reassurance you want concerning your car’s protection. Also, in the event of an emergency or there is a requirement to disarm the immobiliser securely, there are some ways with which this could be achieved. All you are required to do is enter the pin override code with the aid of the accelerator pedal, alternatively put your sequence via buttons inside the car or use the iPhone software.

Ghost AutoWatch Alarm For High Security

In addition, for your comfort, the ghost alarm system has developed an application that permits the immobiliser to be accessible by secure iPhone software that makes connecting to the vehicle smooth and efficient. With this application, you can put your vehicle and drive away, all without having to enter the certain pin code. By connecting your iPhone to your vehicle, it allows a connection with a pairing code which is only known by yourself. It is one that is specific and unknown to every other ghost product. This means you can drive away without any issues hindering your way.

Moreover, for advanced security, all communication between the ghost car alarm system and your iPhone is encrypted. This make sure no cyber hacks or attacks. To access this method, pair your iPhone to the ghost immobiliser and leave the app running with Bluetooth enabled. As soon as this connection is made, you’ve got the ability to drive off securely and with efficiency.

As for the set up of the ghost alarm immobiliser, it calls for zero wire cuts. So that the internal body of your car is left untouched. The safety system itself has a connection to the CAN network and operates through the ECU. The ghost watch alarm can be installed into any model of car and is the highest security measure designed to secure your car against any potential theft. Fitted in a secure hidden location, the immobiliser is unrecognisable with no identifiable functions. This means that no thief can discover it easily.


In a nutshell, the ghost immobiliser for the car is a top-notch security system that protects your car and prevents any potential theft, but there are also many different advantages it has. These advantages include:

  1. Engine start blocking.
  2. Undetectable using any diagnostic tools or equipment.
  3. No radio frequency signals.
  4. Silent operation. So you cannot locate the device by sound.
  5. They are tested for each vehicle.
  6. CAN data network.
  7. Small waterproof device.
  8. Prevents key cloning and ECU swapping.
  9. PIN code change process.
  10. Can use vehicles buttons to enter the PIN code.
  11. Emergency PIN code override.

So do not wait and have your ghost alarm fitted in your car by our expert technicians. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us. Call on the number given on our website and our customer representative will give you a prompt response.


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