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Forbid car thieves in their attempt with a car immobiliser device from stealing the car in the UK. Todays latest cars are vulnerable to modern hacking techniques, including diagnostic controls and key cloning. By having ghost immobiliser fitted, you will be granted full protection and control over your car using the smartphone app and specific pin code, which is entered through your standard factory controls.

The Autowatch Ghost System

You do not have to search on social media to find stories of top-quality cars being stolen, or maybe videos of how swiftly brand-new vehicles can be stolen, with and without the proprietor’s key. Those devices are easily available to the thieves online at cheaper prices.

The autowatch ghost immobiliser is an anti-cloning car immobiliser that particularly protects your car from this kind of theft, stopping key-cloning and hacking. Even if your authentic key gets stolen, it secures your car in order that it can not be driven without the pin code. And without signals, key fobs, or LED signs to provide its location, installation is undetectable.

Next-Generation Vehicle Protection

The ghost is a special next-generation device that secures your car without the need for cutting wires or adding alarm and immobiliser key fobs.

The system is connected to the car CAN Data Network, and a customised pin code is programmed into the ghost. By the use of the car’s existing buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel, this PIN is a completely unique code pattern that has to be decided on in order for the car to begin.

Anti-Cloning Protection

Did you realize that the Autowatch Ghost can not be cloned by using any method? Due to the tool communicating through the buttons and Bluetooth of the car, it can not be determined on the scanning tools utilized by car thieves.

Secure Disarming

There are numerous methods for car owners to disarm the device in a safe way, including:

Entering a combination of buttons, e.g. indicator stalk, window buttons, heater buttons
entering the pin override code via the accelerator pedal.
The usage of the mobile cellphone app to behave as an ADR override.

Despite the fact that the majority of modern cars come with alarms and immobilisers to improve safety. Nowadays, car criminals don’t allow those preventative measures to get in their way. As a result, an increasing number of car owners are deciding on aftermarket car alarm fitting systems instead.

So, with this in mind, talk to us to provide you with great ghost alarms. These provide high-quality levels of security and superb location accuracy.

We always aim to exceed customer expectations from start to finish, but it doesn’t stop there. We also believe after-sales service is just as important if not more. And that is why we have been recognized on many occasions for our exceptional after-sales service.

Your vehicle security is our business! So do not wait and contact ghost immobiliser fitting near me now.


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