Crimes have increased in the past few years, and we all are aware that it is not going to decrease any time soon. This gives us an indication that the van security East London should be taken seriously.

Today’s thieves are well-informed and have upgraded their ways of breaking into the van locks. They have knowledge about every model of the van locks and can easily pass the security features on the van locks. Their methods of entry, often with battery-powered tools, have become more specific and sophisticated. Therefore you need to upgrade your locks that have more advanced technology features so you can fully secure your vans.

Anti-Theft Solutions

If you want to protect your tools and cargo, then it is time that you should seriously start thinking about fitting advanced locks in your vans. However, before that, you will need to be fully informed about the defects of your particular van locks. This will, in the end, help you in making an informed decision as to which type of van lock you will need.

Our 50 years of experience in this industry has enabled us to develop slam locks and deadlocks that meet industry standards. We offer our customers a bespoke service that meets your van security in east London requirements.

Our Range Of Van Locks

At Secure My Vehicles, we have a variety of van locks like slam locks and deadlocks. And only provide high-quality products that are second to none. All of our slam locks and deadlocks are made from robust and high-grade materials. So it will last you longer without causing any inconvenience for years to come. With our vast experience in this industry, we can provide you with security solutions that stay ahead of criminal methods.

Slam locks

It is a hand free locking system that is designed to allow the vehicle to get automatically locked on doors closing, and with a simple key re-entry. Hence, making it an ideal system for al type of vehicles uses.


It is operated by a high-security key, which is a secondary Mortise Lock that acts separately from the manufacturers locking system. It places the deadlock into its specially designed system that enables optimum vehicle security.

Is Your Van Fully Secured?

Most van alarms act as a basic security system that comes as a standard from the showroom. At Secure My Vehicles, we provide security locks upgrades that can be fitted into the original security system giving you excellent security and peace of mind.

Van Lock Installation Services Near me

Protecting your vans from thieves means you are giving yourself peace of mind and reduce costs that can incur if your van gets stolen. So if you need our service then keep our number save and call us anytime you want. Our expert technicians are always on hand to provide the high standard services and will fit van locks like slam locks and deadlocks there and then on the spot. So no matter where you are in east London we will reach there on time.

Secure Your Van Locks from Human Error

It is in human nature that we forget about locking the door by mistake and thus giving an open invitation to thieves. Slam locks have the feature that prevents this from happening as it will automatically close the door when it is closed. And will only be opened with a specific security key. This will give you peace of mind that the van can only be accessed using the specific key. If you want this type of van lock, then we can help.

Van Locks You Can Trust With 2 Year Warranty

Our products come with 2 years warranty as well as exceptional after-sales service. Moreover, we provide a free consultation and an estimated quote for your van security locks that has no hidden costs. If you need further information regarding our van deadlock installation near me, then you can contact our experts, and they will be happy to advise. Call us now and see how we can help you in keeping your vehicle secure.

Why Choose Us?

Suited For All Budgets

We assure you to always help you in finding the right security van lock as we have an extensive range of products available, no matter how big or small the customer budget is.

Professional Installers

Our employees are trained in installing all the latest van security products. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Years of Experience

We have been serving in this industry for over 50 years and are specialists in van security in East London.

Trusted by Thousands

Due to our long years of serving in this industry, we have managed to build an excellent reputation. And have gained many loyal and satisfied customers across the UK.

Relying on factory fitted van locks will not be a good idea to do so. It is suggested to upgrade your locks and protect yourself from facing any harm.

Any Incorrect information provided by the customer or any non-attendance or major lateness of an individual with no copy of Mobile Installation confirmation or result in the payment of service is non-refundable. The company reserved the right to not provide any refunds of mobile services that are derived from incorrect date, address details, incompatibility of product to vehicle extended to vehicle malfunctions (Dash Warning Lights, Central Locking, Alarm etc.) to pre-installation. You should let us know 24hrs in advance failing to do so will prevent the engineer from carrying out the installation, and result in a charge of £120. We would highly recommend to you that if you have any doubts about any of this information listed above you are unsure of must be resolved by contacting our team or your manufacturer. If you wish to extend or change your Installation date, then you must contact our team as soon as possible to avoid any discrepancies from your end and our end.