If you are running a business that involves the delivery of goods, then vans are an essential part of your business. This makes it important to ensure that they are fully secure at all times. For van security Ilford not only strong and reliable locks are crucial, but deadlocks and extra security on your van are also needed to ensure that all the contents within the van like valuable tools and equipment remain safe when you are not using your van.

Often drivers overlook the warning signs of a faulty lock, or they won’t simply choose to have additional security features added to their van. This makes their vans highly vulnerable to thieves and vandals. By getting the van lock installation service, we will fit additional locks like deadlocks to your van. However, you are making a practical step in making your van as secure as possible. Also, you are giving yourself additional peace of mind and secure your van as well the assets within it.

Van deadlock fitting

Our van fitting services is one of the most popular and reliable. Our highly experienced and trained professionals will quickly fit the van deadlocks to your van, just book your installation date in Ilford, and we will be there to install it. You won’t face any hassle, and everything will be done smoothly. So in a nutshell, you will get a quick, simple, reliable and secure service carried out by the professionals.

These deadlocks are fitted to the door of your van, and this means as the driver, you have the choice to use it when you need it. We have been in this industry for 50 years and have fitted deadlocks in several vans. This is a useful thing to do, especially when you have to leave your van overnight in a different location. We are flexible and fit deadlocks in any type of vans. Our technicians have profound knowledge of fitting the deadlock that is specific to the door, and you will get maximum security.

Moreover, our experienced team will closely work with you to provide the right locking brackets, cylinders and lock cases. This ensures that you get a bespoke fitting service that is tailored to your van requirements.

Convenient service

At Secure My Vehicles, we provide 24 hours 7 days a week service, so when you feel like you need the van security Ilford service, you can call us anytime. Our professional customer service representative will be more than happy to serve you and provide solutions to your problem. Moreover, we also offer a 2-year guarantee on our service, so you can just sit back and relax while our specialists are efficiently performing their work. So if your van security locks near me give us a call.

Instant quotations

We can also provide you with a free instant quotation service over the phone, saving you a lot of time and effort and ensuring that you get a quick and smooth service. We can fit a variety of locks on both individual vans or an entire fleet of it that best suit you and your company needs.

Extra security

We don’t realise that it is not possible to make your vans fully secure at all time when you are only relying on the factory-fitted locks. Many vans also have a security rating which you can see at the time of making a purchase. Even the vans that are claimed to be fully secured with factory fitted locks can be broken if you do not upgrade them. When you have valuable cargo like tools and machinery, the chances are your van will be targetted for theft.

Just like CCTV cameras or other types of security cameras act as a deterrent for burglars and vandals on the office buildings and homes, same is the case with deadlocks. They will give a thieve a warning that it is best to stay away from targeting your van, which in the end will save you huge amounts of money.

Securing your van

So start considering and make your vans secure by calling us on our given number. We provide competitive prices on our products and can come to the address of your choice for the installation of the lock. By getting your van secure, you will feel the peace of mind knowing that your van will not get stolen no matter where it is parked. From the moment you will call us, we will gather all the relevant information and start working on your problem and come up with the best solution. You will get a tailored solution that you can rely on on without any worries.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and exceed your expectations as well. You won’t be disappointed in hiring us, as you will get full value on the money you have invested in our service.

Any Incorrect information provided by the customer or any non-attendance or major lateness of an individual with no copy of Mobile Installation confirmation or result in the payment of service is non-refundable. The company reserved the right to not provide any refunds of mobile services that are derived from incorrect date, address details, incompatibility of product to vehicle extended to vehicle malfunctions (Dash Warning Lights, Central Locking, Alarm etc.) to pre-installation. You should let us know 24hrs in advance failing to do so will prevent the engineer from carrying out the installation, and result in a charge of £120. We would highly recommend to you that if you have any doubts about any of this information listed above you are unsure of must be resolved by contacting our team or your manufacturer. If you wish to extend or change your Installation date, then you must contact our team as soon as possible to avoid any discrepancies from your end and our end.